Hustler 6BTV 60m add on kit issues

I’ve been trying to install a 60m add on kit to my Hustler 6BTV vertical antenna.

Unfortunately, tunning it to the 60m band is next to impossible and the antenna’s 40m SWR is quite a way off.

As you can see from the graph I’m a looong way from 60m frequencies.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

New Antenna – First QSO!

I made my first QSO on the new antenna this morning (20m)!

Here is the output from the antenna analyzer! Some adjustments in the lower bands will be required, but it is looking much better than I expected.

First measurement of new Antenna with analyzer!

New HF Antenna Installation

New Antenna!

I’ve been in the process of installing a new Hustler 6-BTV HF antenna I purchased from DX Engineering. It is replacing a used Cushcraft R7 that I’ve had for 7 years.

The antenna itself is up and guyed. Now I just need to install ground radials and tune it up!